About us

What We Do

Making Harrogate safe, clean and welcoming and the number one town centre destination for shopping, eating and drinking.

In order to do this, the following objectives will be met:

  • Marketing, Promotions and Events: staging a series of events, promotion and marketing campaigns whilst collaborating with partners to attract visitors to come, stay, spend and return.
  • Access and Car Parking: ensuring the Town Centre is accessible to all, whether that is bus, train, car or bike.
  • Safe, Clean and Welcoming: making sure the first impressions of the town count and give an enhanced experience to visitors when visiting Harrogate.
  • Business Plus: supporting our members through providing a ‘voice’, networking and financial support.
  • Evening and Night-time Economy: ensuring Harrogate’s evening and night-time economy is safe, well promoted and welcoming to all.