Voice & Vision

Harrogate BID will act as the glue that brings everyone together, while not being afraid to raise our collective voice for the good of our town. We will work on your behalf to get your opinions heard and aspirations delivered.


Evidence has shown that a partnered approach has the biggest impact in all areas, so collaboration will be essential in all we do.

The BID will actively look to identify additional funding and opportunities to support our town and foster these partnerships.

Understanding business needs

Over recent years the economic climate has been turbulent. Harrogate BID recognises this and will continue to lead and be adaptable on business needs throughout our 5 year term.

From looking to reduce operational costs to match funding key grants the BID will respond as necessary.

Long-term strategy

Harrogate is the jewel in Yorkshire’s crown and we need to be looking long term to ensure this remains in place for years to come.

The BID will represent, lobby, promote and, alongside partners, form a long term vision for our town.

The Harrogate voice

With a once- in-a-generation local government reformation, our town will, for a short time at least, be left with little representation.

The BID will consistently act for the business community to ensure our town gets what it deserves. The BID will continue to be that voice at a local, regional and national level.


As we all look to do our bit to support the reduction of carbon emissions, Harrogate BID will work with experts to design campaigns that make it easier for businesses, residents and visitors to do this too. From recycling to active travel campaigns and renewable energy to public transport, we will lead our town in a positive direction.

The Harrogate offer

The future of town and city centres is mixed use. The BID recognises having a positive blend of national and independent businesses in retail, hospitality, professional services and leisure is key. The BID will act as a linchpin engageing and attracting that offer to ensure Harrogate is a superb place to shop, work, live and play.