Harrogate BID are keen to support levy paying businesses in making improvements to their street frontages and the accessibility of their premises, as well as making adjustments to re-open their businesses following lockdown, by providing financial support through match funding.

We know that businesses in the Town Centre are facing unprecedented pressures and we want to ensure that Harrogate remains a desirable place to do business by helping them deliver an aesthetic ‘Welcome to Harrogate’ through elements such improved business frontages and accessibility. The aim is to support investment in works including:

  • Repairs and redecoration of business entrances and street frontages.
  • Refurbishment or replacement of graphics and signage.
  • Improvements in accessibility such as the installation of ramps, automatic doors and handrails.

The funding can also be used to purchase signage, barriers, screens or other equipment to facilitate the re-opening of businesses, and that is required by the re-opening regulations and guidance, but does not include PPE equipment or employee costs


Grant Details & Conditions

The Harrogate BID will provide match funding of up to £750 towards eligible improvement works or equipment.

All levy paying businesses within the Harrogate BID area are eligible to receive the grant however, overall expenditure will be limited to £30,000 this year so the grant will be distributed in date order of application until the budget has been depleted.

Businesses should submit their request for grant support to Harrogate BID via email to: info@harrogatebid.co.uk  including a brief description of the proposed work to be undertaken or equipment needed along with an estimate of costs and expected completion date.

The BID will provide confirmation of grant funding subject to the following conditions:

  • The business is a Harrogate BID levy payer and all annual levy payments have been paid to date.
  • The improvement works are completed by December 31 2021 or any equipment is purchased by August 31 2021.
  • The works comply with all appropriate regulations and permissions, including Planning and Building Control
  • The works comply with the aims of the grant.
  • The equipment complies with all appropriate regulations and permissions, such as premises licences and pavement café licences.
  • The equipment meets the criteria of the grant as determined by the Harrogate BID Board.
  • The works are undertaken by local companies who are based in the HG postcode unless the work is specialised and there are no suitable local contractors.
  • The equipment is supplied by local companies who are based in the HG postcode wherever possible and practical.
  • Valid receipts are submitted to Harrogate BID to enable the match funding to be calculated and verified.
  • Permission is granted for Harrogate BID to publicise the work that has been carried out, including details of contractors, or the benefits of the equipment that has been purchased, including details of suppliers, through BID publications, press releases and the BID website including “before and after” photos.
  • All grants are subject to availability – The BID is setting aside £30k this year to fund this initiative.

The Harrogate BID Area

Included Streets

Albert Street
Beulah Street
Bower Road
Cambridge Crescent
Cambridge Road
Cheltenham Crescent
Cheltenham Mount
Cheltenham Parade
Cold Bath Road
Commercial Street
Crescent Road
Crown Place
Dragon Parade
Dragon Road

East Parade
East Park Road
Haywra Crescent
Haywra Street
James Street
John Street
Kings Road
Market Place
Montpellier Gardens
Montpellier Parade
Montpellier Road
Montpellier Street
Mount Parade
North Park Road

Oxford Street
Park Parade
Park View
Parliament Street
Princes Square
Princes Street
Prospect Crescent
Prospect Place
Raglan Street
Ripon Road
Royal Parade
Springfield Avenue
Station Avenue

Station Bridge
Station Parade
Station Square
Studley Road
Swan Road
The Ginnel
Tower Street
Union Street
Victoria Avenue
Victoria Shopping Centre
West Park
York Place