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Pubwatch App

Ensuring Harrogate’s nightlife is as safe as it can be.

Harrogate BID has helped a key safety initiative, Harrogate Pubwatch that warns pubs, bars, and clubs about trouble-makers drinking in town, launch a new app. Harrogate Pubwatch operates under the National Pubwatch guidelines with the emphasis on ensuring everyone entering pubs and clubs can spend their time safely and enjoyably – and if anyone causes trouble in one venue, they will be banned from all venues which participate in the scheme. The new app, which all participating venues will have access to, gives details of all those who are banned from Harrogate’s hospitality venues, and provides live information on anyone causing trouble within the town so that they can be excluded upon trying to gain entry. In 2022, the app saw membership grow by 100 per cent since Harrogate BID helped the initiative.