Local businesses have voted ‘yes’ for Harrogate BID (Business Improvement District) to remain in place in support of the town for another five years.

With a ‘yes’ vote of 76% per cent, the new term – which officially starts in January 2024 – will see the BID team, led by a group of Directors who give their time for free, focus on three all-encompassing new objectives; pride in our town; a vibrant town and voice & vision, with even greater scrutiny of the return on investment in relation to each one.

Harrogate BID found was initially voted into place five years ago, in 2019. It has since delivered many benefits including cleaner pavements, bold street art, footfall increasing campaigns, floral flare, match funding grants, unique entertainment, collaborative networking, locked in local spend and much more.

Harrogate is a key visitor destination and working with its BID members ensures the town centre excels as a place for business, to shop, visit and enjoy.

Over the past 12 months BID has worked on intensive consultation, surveys, networking events and sector receptions, where data has been gathered to demonstrate the benefits it has brought and help it develop a new business plan for a second term.

Dan Siddle, BID Chair, comments: “The past five years have been quite something. There is no doubt that since Harrogate BID launched, it has comprehensively delivered. We have become part of what Harrogate is all about, helping to shout about and celebrate what the town has to offer, to consumers and businesses alike.

“I am confident that our new five-year business plan and streamlined objectives, will help shape the town further over the years to come to ensure Harrogate thrives long into the future.”

Matthew Chapman, Harrogate BID Manager, says: “The fact that businesses voted to retain BID, without the backing of North Yorkshire Council makes it even more credible. Most BIDs have the backing of their Local Authority as part of the ballot process, which in our case would have added 12 per cent to the result – if nothing else this provides a true representation from the businesses within the BID area.

“This makes the result an even more positive one and demonstrates that local businesses value the work that we have done and will now continue to do for the next five years.”

Dan adds: “I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported BID and also to our staff and board members for their hard work over the last five years.”

Harrogate BID’s aim is to ensure a clean, safe and attractive town centre which shines through to strengthen Harrogate’s environment for businesses, residents and visitors. For more information about the BID, click here.