Sales of Harrogate Gift Cards has given the town centre economy a £100,000 plus shot in the arm since its launch four years ago.

Introduced by Harrogate BID as a way of supporting the local high street, 800 cards valued at £32,815 were sold last year, with £12,000 coming in December alone.

The cards, which can be pre-loaded with any value up to £500, can be redeemed at more than 90 participating town centre shops, restaurants, bars, cafes, businesses and attractions, including Bettys, Harrogate Theatre, Rhodes Wood and Blamey’s Florists.

The initiative, which is free for businesses to sign up and use, ensures that for every £1 pre-loaded onto a card, that £1 stays within the local economy.

Dan Siddle, Harrogate BID’s new Chair, said: “Once again, the Harrogate Gift Card proved hugely successful around Christmas time, with many people giving gift cards as Christmas gifts for family members and friends.

“It was also great to see a number of businesses and organisations buying the cards as presents for their employees and clients.

“The BID’s remit is to encourage footfall in Harrogate, as well as motivating people to spend more time and money in town, and the Harrogate Gift Card continues to encourage people to enjoy the many and varied attractions the town has to offer.

“I’d like to thank all those who purchased one or more cards, and of course to our business partners in this scheme.”

Further information about the Harrogate Gift Card, which during the current national lockdown can only be purchased online, is available here :