This year marks the 20-year anniversary of the Business Improvement District (BID) model moving into the UK – and Harrogate BID is delighted to be a part of that story.

Ever since their inception, BIDs have invested more than £1 billion into local services, events and campaigns to improve different areas across the country. The majority of thriving towns and cities have a BID – a not-for-profit organisation which contributes to economic and cultural growth.

BIDs were first started in the UK back in 2004 after the BID Regulations Act came into effect, using a similar model to that used in Canada and the USA in the 1960s. Now, BIDs around the country have become internationally renowned, with more than 350 starting up over the last 20 years.

Started in 2019, Harrogate BID is excited to continue to be an important part of the North Yorkshire town’s historic story. From creating events such as the Harrogate Dog Show and the Celebration of Fashion, to additional teams on the street and Christmas lights, to winning gold in Britain in Bloom and utilising vacant units, the BID team continue to work hard to maximise Harrogate as a destination and empower local business.

Following a successful ballot last year, Harrogate BID moved into its second term at the start of 2024 – with a brand new set of objectives set to work towards achieving the overall Business Plan.

Speaking on the 20-year anniversary, Harrogate BID Manager, Matthew Chapman, said: “It’s fantastic to see Business Improvement Districts reach this key milestone.

“Harrogate was a little late to the party in exploring a BID, but as we begin our second term we are confidently seen as a BID that performs to an excellent standard, transparently evidencing return on investment and regularly seeking forward thinking partnerships for the good of our place.”

To find out more about what a BID is and the work the team do in Harrogate, read our Business Plan here.