Hello, and welcome to our April Newsletter

As the country prepares for another three weeks in lockdown, we want to reassure you that Harrogate BID has not gone into isolation – in fact far from it!

The Board is continuing to meet on a regular, though virtual, basis, and has been busy working hard on your behalf.

We have appointed a new Interim Manager (more below) and are about to announce a number of initiatives that we can deliver during the coming weeks, all designed to benefit the town and those businesses within it.

We have just launched a new website, and this will be regularly updated with useful information, coronavirus guidance, and news stories.

We are also active on social media too (Twitter @BIDHarrogate, Facebook Harrogate BID), so if you aren’t already following us, then please.

If you want to get in touch with us, then please email us at admin@harrogatebid.co.uk

In the meantime, stay safe and we look forward to seeing you soon.

Yours, The Harrogate BID team 

The Harrogate BID team

A former Harrogate BID board director has returned to the fold – this time take on the role of Interim BID Manager.

Simon Kent, a previous director of Harrogate Convention Centre, will take over the day-to-day running of the organisation, including liaising directly with town centre businesses, reporting into the Board and fostering relations with BIDS around the country.

Simon said: “I’m delighted to take up this interim appointment, and whilst we are in uncharted waters, I’m confident the BID will be able to deliver long and lasting results for town centre businesses.

“Since my appointment, I’ve been working behind the scenes with Board members to instigate a number of initiatives which we can complete during the coronavirus closedown.”

HBC Rates Relief

Businesses in Harrogate have been given ten-of-millions-of-pounds in support from Harrogate Borough Council, with the initial group of business grants now being issued.

The council had originally expected to receive in the region of £40m from the government as part of its Small Business Grant Fund and the Retail, Hospitality and Leisure Grant measures

Businesses that are in a recipient of small business rate relief or rural relief will receive a £10,000 grant while hospitality and leisure businesses, with a rateable value of between £15,000 and £51,000, will receive a £25,000 grant.

Retail, hospitality, leisure businesses and childcare nurseries, regardless of rateable value, will also not pay any business rates in 20/21.

Harrogate BID Manager Simon Kent said: “This is fantastic news for businesses forced to close and lay off staff through to no fault of their own.

“I would you like to thank Harrogate Borough Council for reacting so swiftly and making payments to businesses when they need the money the most.”

More information on the initiatives, and a form for businesses to complete, is available on the council’s website: https://www.harrogate.gov.uk/info/20001/business_and_investment

Business Survey – Please Participate

Harrogate BID has launched a coronavirus impact survey, so it can better understand what assistance businesses require now, and more importantly what support they will need once the lockdown ends.

The questionnaire, which is being sent out to BID members and can also be found at the link below, will help determine the type of projects the organisation will focus on.


Harrogate BID Interim Manager Simon Kent said: “We have launched this survey to enable us to get a clear understanding of what our members are going through now, and what support at local, regional and national level they will require when Harrogate comes out of lockdown.”

Covid-19 Business Support From Different Sources

Businesses in need of help, support and practical advice can draw on the expertise of a number different organisations – local, regional and national – including:

Town Centre Lampposts Refurbished

Before the coronavirus lockdown, lampposts throughout the town centre were refurbished, courtesy BID Board member, Coun Richard Cooper, and his North Yorkshire County Council locality budget.

Harrogate BID Board manager Simon Kent said: “I’d like to thank Coun Cooper for using his budget to benefit the town centre.”