Election Update

We are in the final days of accepting applications to become a Director of the Harrogate BID Board for 1 January to 31 December 2021.

The Board comprises up to 15 Directors, with a variety of complementary skills, representing various business sectors as follows:

  • 3 National Retailers
  • 3 Independent Retailers
  • 2 Office and Commercial
  • 1 Accommodation
  • 2 Food, Drink, Entertainment and Leisure
  • 1 North Yorkshire County Council
  • 1 Harrogate Borough Council
  • 1 North Yorkshire Police
  • 1 Voluntary BID Levy Contributor

The following rules and requirements apply:

  • Every BID Levy Payer or equivalent financial contributor is eligible to become a Director and must also be a Member of the Company
  • Where a Director has multiple hereditaments, he/she is entitled to one vote
  • In order to become a Director, a Levy Payer/financial contributor must have paid their dues in full in the previous year and have paid the current year’s levy/contribution within 3 months of the issue of the first bill/invoice
  • Directors must work in the best interests of the company and its objectives and in supporting and ensuring the delivery of the agreed Business Plan. Rules set out in the BID Company Articles of Association and those of Companies House relating to the conduct of Members/Directors will also apply
  • Directors will not be able to stand for the position of Chair unless they have served a minimum of a year as a Board Director
  • Directors must declare any conflicts of interest
  • Directors are required to treat all communications and discussions of and relating to Company business, both verbal and written, as confidential and not to be discussed, distributed, or used in any way unless agreed by the Company Board
  • Directors must attend a minimum of not less than 75% of all briefing meetings and board meetings throughout the year
  • Public Sector Directors may have a named substitute, who can attend with the prior agreement of the Chair
  • Directors are required to provide active time of not less than 2 hours per week to the BID Company

If you would like to be considered for election to next year’s Board please can you email your request to info@harrogatebid.co.uk by  20 November 2020 setting out your relevant experience and commitment to ensuring the success of the BID.

If you have any questions, please phone us on 01423 582030.

Sara Ferguson
Acting Chair of Harrogate BID

Timetable Update for 2021 Board Elections

20 November 2020

Deadline for Director Applications.

24 November 2020

Candidate List and Information, including a ballot paper, if necessary, emailed to Harrogate BID members.

3 December 2020

NOON Completed ballot papers to be received by Harrogate BID Ltd. Ballot closed.

4 December 2020

Ballots counted & successful applicants informed.

10 December 2020

Harrogate BID AGM via Zoom.

1. Only those Sector/Skill/Experience areas with more candidates than allocated places will go forward to ballot.
2. Public Sector Directors will be nominated by their organisations and will not be subject to ballot.