After an encouraging level of support and enthusiasm for the Harrogate Town Neighbourhood Planning Forum process, a decision has been made to seek views on moving to the next logical stage.

There have been a number of steering group forums on exploring introducing a ‘Neighborhood Plan’ for the town – and a date for the first official meeting has now been announced.

It will be held at Harrogate College in the Adult Learning Zone on Tuesday July 9th from 7pm.

All are welcome to attend the event, which has been organised to commence the process of applying to North Yorkshire Council to become a Designated Forum. By way of explanation, once established, the Forum will hold occasional open meetings to oversee the process and to receive reports on progress.

The consultations, evidence gathering and fact finding will be by different sub-groups dealing with specific areas of interest. There is no limit to how many join the Forum. although 21 is a minimum membership. In a town the size of Harrogate, a much larger Forum would be advantageous.

The powers and functions of Forum members will be to advise, take part and/or oversee the neighbourhood planning process either individually, as part of one or more sub groups and/or a member of a management committee.

If you have any queries or questions, please email