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Your questions answered about Harrogate BID

What is a BID?

A BID (Business Improvement District) is a not-for-profit organisation, funded for by businesses, to improve the area in which they trade within through a voted upon business plan. There are currently over 300 BIDs in the UK after the legislation came into place in 2004.

How does a BID come into place?

A BID can only be formed following consultation and a ballot in which businesses vote on a BID proposal for the area. A committee is formed to develop the BID and gather data from the businesses in the proposed area to form a business plan, the business plan is then shared and voted upon through an independent ballot process. Once a BID is voted in by the business, they are fixed for a five-year term, after which there is usually a renewal process for a further five years.

How is the BID funded?

All eligible businesses pay a set levy, the rate of which is agreed upon in a business plan which is drawn up before the BID is brought into place, which also sets out the projects and services. BIDs can also draw in other funding from partners and grants.

How is the BID levy calculated?

The BID levy is calculated at 1.5% of the rateable value of the property in which a business trades from. The rateable value threshold for a levy paying business is £20,000 a year, those businesses that fall below the threshold will not pay the BID levy.

How long is the BID for?

Harrogate BID was formed in 2019 for an initial five-year period, following a successful ballot of eligible businesses, namely those in the designated BID area who pay business rates. The first term will end on 31st December 2023. The renewal ballot for Harrogate BIDs second term will take place in June 2023 for the second term to begin on 1st January 2024 for a further five years.

How is a BID managed?

A BID is managed by a voluntary Board of Directors who are all either business owners, managers of a business or landlords within the BID area. The BID Board oversee the delivery of the business plan by the BID Team.

How is the BID Board of Directors made up and elected?

Harrogate BID is governed by a voluntary Board of directors who provide strong direction and oversight of the BID business plan. The Board is made up of influential representatives from the key business sectors, partner organisations and levy paying businesses in the town centre.

The next BID Board elections will take place in December 2023. For more information, please email info@harrogatebid.co.uk

Does Harrogate BID replace services provided by North Yorkshire County Council?

No. Whilst North Yorkshire County Council are BID partners and a representative from NYCC sits on the BID Board, the BID is not here to replace core public sector services. However, it can – and will – enhance certain services they currently provide.

I am not in the BID area/my rateable value is under the threshold, how do I become a member?

For businesses both within and outside the Harrogate BID are who have a rateable value of under £20,000, and therefore are exempt from paying the BID levy, there is an opportunity to make an investment of £300 a year to become voluntary levy payers of the BID. This entitles them to all of the projects and services outlined in the Harrogate BID business plan, as well as full rights as members in the management and governance of the BID company. If you are interested in becoming a voluntary levy payer then please contact the BID Team via – info@harrogatebid.co.uk