A Vibrant Town

This will include creating events and campaigns that promote our town in a multitude of ways, to ensure that visitors travel to Harrogate from far and wide and that residents love where they live that little bit more.

Christmas lights

In the business plan consultation you told us you want the BID to be the lead organisation when it comes to Christmas lights.

The BID delivers each and every festive light in the town and we intend to build on this year on year.

Wider promotion of Harrogate town centre

In the business plan consultation you told us you want the BID to lead on wider promotion of the BID area. Whether digitally on people’s phones, in print in key publications, or physically in environments such as transport hubs, the BID will deliver on this and offer return on investment.

Footfall and spend increasing campaigns

We will continue to deliver events and campaigns that put Harrogate at the top of peoples choice year round and offer increased return on investment. These will be in-house celebrations or sponsored seed funds all with footfall and spend at the heart. From Lego to Fashion and Coronations to Halloween, the BID will ensure a hub of activity.

Unique experiences and animation

Successful places of the future will be unique and rejoice in an experiential atmosphere. The BID will continue to focus on campaigns that develop this ambience, including joyous entertainment, distinctive installations and an exciting energy.

The Harrogate welcome

Our town has been known for its warm, classy reception for centuries. The BID will fund an ambassadorial presence at key times of year to ensure people continue to visit over and over again and spread the word on our Harrogate welcome.

Partnerships to showcase our town

It was clear in term one that when organisations work together the results speak for themselves. The BID will continue to lobby this togetherness locally, nationally and internationally to boost business and attract visitors.