Your questions answered about Harrogate BID


Q) What is a BID?

A) A Business Improvement District (BID) is a business-led and business funded body formed to improve a defined commercial area. The benefits of BIDs are wide-ranging and include:

  • Businesses decide and direct what they want in their area
  • Businesses are represented and have a voice in issues affecting their trading area
  • BID levy money is ring-fenced for use only in the BID area
  • Increased footfall and spend
  • Improved staff retention
  • Reduced business costs
  • Enhanced marketing and promotion
  • Looking at infrastructure, pollution and movement
  • Guidance in place shaping vision activities
  • Facilitated networking opportunities with neighbouring businesses
  • Assistance in dealing with the Council, Police and other public bodies


Q) Why do businesses support BIDs?

A) A BID is a mechanism which allows businesses to raise a sum of money to manage and deliver projects that they have identified and believe will improve their trading environment, ultimately increasing trade for those businesses who are paying for the improvements.


Q) Who pays for a BID?

A) Once projects and services have been agreed by businesses, along with how they are going to be delivered and managed, they are costed and set out in a detailed business plan. The cost to each business is worked out on a pro rata basis.

‘This is called the ‘BID LEVY’. An independent and formal vote then takes place on the agreed projects and services and if the majority vote is YES then ALL eligible businesses within the BID area HAVE to pay.

The BID levy is normally paid by the occupiers of a property. In addition, BIDs can draw in other voluntary funding, grants and ‘in kind’ contributions to supplement the BID levy.


Q) What area does Harrogate BID cover and which streets does it cover?

A) A map of the area Harrogate BID covers can be seen here:

Harrogate BID Area

And the below streets are those included within its boundary:

Albert Street, Beulah Street, Bower Road, Cambridge Crescent, Cambridge Road, Cheltenham Crescent, Cheltenham Mount, Cheltenham Parade, Cold Bath Road, Commercial Street, Crescent Road, Crown Place, Dragon Parade, Dragon Road, East Parade, East Park Road, Haywra Crescent, Haywra Street, James Street, John Street, Kings Road, Market Place, Montpellier Gardens, Montpellier Parade, Montpellier Road, Montpellier Street, Mount Parade, North Park Road, Oxford Street, Park Parade, Park View, Parliament Street, Princes Square, Princes Street, Prospect Crescent, Prospect Place, Queensway, Raglan Street, Ripon Road, Royal Parade, Springfield Avenue, Station Avenue, Station Bridge, Station Parade, Station Square, Studley Road, Swan Road, The Ginnel, Tower Street, Union Street, Victoria Avenue, Victoria Shopping Centre, West Park, York Place


Q) How is BID monitored?

A) Like any good business plan, specific key performance indicators (KPIs) are set and performance is monitored against the KPIs by the BID board. The BID Company is answerable to the businesses that pay the BID levy, and will be required to monitor and inform its members on its progress towards the agreed KPIs.


Q) Does Harrogate BID replace services provided by North Yorkshire County Council and Harrogate Borough Council?

A) No! Whilst both authorities are BID partners, and a representative from each sits on the BID Board, the BID is not there to replace core public sector services. However, it can – and will – enhance certain services they currently provide.


Q) What is Harrogate BID’s objectives?

A) Working for our levy payers we will ensure our town centre excels as a place for business, to shop, visit and enjoy. In order to do this we are focused on 5 key project areas:

  • Marketing, promotions and events
  • Access and car parking
  • Safe, clean and welcoming
  • Business plus
  • Evening and night time economy


Q) How and when was the Harrogate BID Board elected?

A) The last elections were in November 2019, and the details of the process is in the below pdf:

2019 Board Election

Articles of Association

Q) Who sits on Harrogate BID Board?

A) The current list of Board directors can be found here:


Q) Does Harrogate BID have a business plan

A) Yes, it does, and you can access it here:

Harrogate BID Business Plan