Harrogate Business Improvement District

Harrogate Welcomes You

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the Harrogate BID team have continued working behind the scenes, offering guidance and information for all businesses within the BID district.

As we began to see light at the end of lockdown tunnel, we looked at how best we could further help our town centre customers as they began to make preparations to reopen their doors. In answer to this we produced a series of social distancing floor and window packs as well as purchasing outdoor tables and chairs, allowing those businesses with limited indoor space the opportunity to open safely outdoors.

Two weeks ago, we advised all levy payers that we were match funding, to the tune of £750, costs incurred in the safe reopening of their businesses, and to date we have received applications from dozens of businesses operating in a variety of different sectors.

We also began a deep clean of the town centre, which included the power washing of pavements and street furniture, together with a programme of weed removal. With the town centre aspect finished, the operation is now moving to the outer lying areas of the BID district.

There is plenty more in the pipeline, and we will be announcing a raft of new initiatives over the coming weeks and months.

As well as us keeping you up to date via our regular newsletters, you can also keep in touch with us by emailing info@harrogatebid.co.uk

And finally, with much of the town centre now reopen, Harrogate is once again the perfect place to shop, eat, drink and more!


We are keen to hear from town centre businesses on how they are currently dealing with the situation and how we can help, both short term and longer. If you own or operate a business please take 5 minutes to help influence the BID’s recovery plan for the next few weeks and months by completing our short survey via the link below:

Please let us know how we can help and support you, and continue to share your news, helpful coping strategies or just to update about your business operations.

Stay safe and we look forward to continuing our work during these challenging times and helping to support key city centre businesses, employees and residents.

The Harrogate BID Team